Project Rescue

We are passionate about seeing victims of human trafficking set free. Throughout the year, we hold several events designed to raise funds and awareness in our community to free captives locally, nationally and globally including our annual Red Bucket Day.


Stop Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

Each year, we launch an awareness campaign in the month leading up to our Red Bucket Day by wrapping GET buses and hosting a press conference to help residents of our community understand what to do when they suspect human trafficking.

Cupcakes & Friendship

Cupcakes and Friendship is a ministry led by a group of local women who are passionate to see the lives of women transformed and restored through the healing power of Jesus Christ. They reach out to women working in the sex industry with the message that they are loved and have great value. They encourage women through prayer and Scripture, while helping them know that they are unconditionally loved, valued, and have a God given purpose.

Their mission is three-fold: First to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Second to love and encourage women in the sex industry by helping them realize they are valued beyond measure and have a God-given purpose in their life. Third is to mentor and make appropriate referral sources for women to leave the sex industry and start a new life.


Human Trafficking 101

We host training events throughout the year to help men and women learn how to identify signs of trafficking and how to report it. We encourage parents and teens to educate themselves about how easy it is for their children to become victims and learn what to look for and what to do if they see suspicious behavior. Human Trafficking 101 is an event we host annually in partnership with Kern Coalition of Human Trafficking to educate people and connect them with agencies locally who are on the front lines in the fight against human trafficking.